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     Johanna Lee (California, 1991) is a feminist artist who is focused on forming a body of work that addresses cultural anxiety and shame concerning bodily autonomy, sexuality, and sensuality. She is constantly called to create in the spirit of what it means to be a sexual human in a world with oppressive history.

     Coming from a family of artists, but raised in a conservative corner of California, Johanna had early on considered art to be the perfect way to explore herself and combat the atmosphere which she says has pushed against her and her peer's expression. Her interest and exploration of medium had evolved from sketching and drawing as a child to varying media such as oil painting, watercolor and ink, printmaking, tattooing, collage, photography, ceramic sculpture, installation, sound, and performance. She actively seeks new ways to integrate the human body and self as subject, and is always compelled to try new things.

     Now living in San Jose, CA,  Johanna is interested in pushing the boundaries of what is culturally considered acceptable for people to embrace, and her intention is to explore the spectrum of human emotion, ideals, myths, and attitudes tied to sexuality. She does this by creating works that range from disturbing subjects to cause discomfort, to pieces that invoke joy through playful expression.

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