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Artist Statement


I grew up as a girl who liked to explore sexuality through art.

During my experience, I have encountered others that have tried to silence my exploration and expression because of their own shame, introduced and reinforced by cultural programming.

It's my ongoing personal mission to question the cultural bounds that have attempted to hinder me from embracing myself fully. I believe that our sensual selves is a self that requires as much love and attention as our mental and spiritual parts, and the world would be a much happier, accepting place if we were all free to accept ourselves for what we are.


2020     San Jose State University, BFA Pictorial Art



2015      Colfax Art Walk, Colfax, CA: Group Show

2016      Reno Tattoo Convention, Reno, NV: Group Show

2018      SJSU Gallery Eight, San Jose, CA: Group Show

2018      Guru Tattoo, Campbell, CA: Group Show
2018      Snake and Butterfly, Campbell, CA: Solo Show

2016    Caddel, Jinxi. Enchanted. Out Of

             Step Books.

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